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Air Pollution Control Equipment & Dust Collectors
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designs, supplies, installs and maintains your air cleaning, air pollution control equipment & dust collector systems to meet your air pollution control equipment and air cleaning needs.  We utilize multiple different types of industrial air cleaning equipment to solve your air quality concerns.
Air Pollution Control Equipment and Products
Service, Sales, Installation & Engineering of air pollution control equipment for:

Electrostatic Precipitators Cartridge Dust Collector
Dust Collection Booths Down Draft Tables
Industrial Cyclones Bag Houses
Industrial Vacuum Systems Source Capture Arms / Systems
Activated Carbon Systems Ambient Air Cleaning Systems
Smog Hog Equipment ®  

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Applications for Restaurant & Industrial Air Pollution Control
Service, Sales, Installation & Engineering of air pollution control equipment for:

Asphalt Smoke Control Textile Dust Collection
Restaurants Exhaust Polishing Application
Grinding Application Woodworking Dust Collection
Mixing Operations Machining Mist Collectors
Portable Air Cleaners Industrial Dust Collectors
Industrial Vacuum Systems Welding Ventilation

Helping you take control of all your air pollution control system requirements we provide installation, service, parts and repairs. Controlling smoke, grease, mist and odor.

Dust collector systems are used to contain dust from polishing, grinding, wood working and mixing operations. AIR CLEANING TECHNOLOGY also supplies and provides installation for dust collection booths and down-draft tables.  Welding, smoke, mist and smoke from machining processes as well as smoke and particulate from laser cutting job shops and other applications we successfully address. 

If you do not see your application for air pollution control equipment or dust collector systems listed above please Contact Us and we will work to engineer you an air pollution clean air solution.


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